Dec 23, 2014

A Crow Is White - Himitsu

Regardless of your taste in music, A Crow Is White has some talented animators behind their most recent music videos. Earlier this year, fake!fake! introduced us to the colorful and frantic style also seen in Himitsu, which thankfully looks just as amazing as it did the first time.

The song's groovy bassline and cute vocals really pop with the constantly morphing animation which makes it hard not to want more. The mesmerizing nature of morphing animation as the song progresses really nails it with the bright color choices.

Space Shower Music has been knocking it out of the park with their artists, and A Crow Is White does nothing but reinforce my love for the record label. It's a shame a majority of their music will remain unknown to most of the world, especially with the amount of effort and love put into accompanying animation like this. For merch and other info on the band, check out their website over here.

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