Nov 27, 2014

Army of Frogs: The Rainbow Serpent Trailer

I'm typically not a fan of book trailers, but this one here is a real treat. The talented folks at Secret Sauce Studio have released this impressive extended animated trailer for the equally beautiful children's book penned by Trevor Pryce and Joel Naftali. The original 30-or-so second trailer is attached to select showings of Mockingjay: Part 1, but this one is twice that length and made all the better for it.

Army of Frogs follows a band of anthropomorphic amphibians as they fight to protect their home in for a vicious host of scorpion marauders. Jamie Lewis' sound direction is on-point and Sanford Greene breathes the awesome fight scenes and gorgeously-rendered mythic anime aesthetic of the books to life. I wouldn't mind an actual show spawning out of this!

Go check out the studio's youtube page for more awesome animated gems to come, and why not give Army of Frogs a read-through too!

Army of Frogs: The Kulipari, Courtesy of Sanford Greene

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