Nov 20, 2014

Age of Pinnocchio Mashup Follows A Meme To Its Logical Terrifying Conclusion

It's safe to say by now that you've already seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and been thoroughly entranced by James Spader's maniacally gravel-toned robot rendition of "No Strings On Me". The trailer's menacing stinger track prompted a shockwave of scatter-shot memes across online comic forums, solidifying Ultron's preemptive popularity among movie fans eagerly anticipating the follow-up's release.

Naturally, NerdReactor Editor-in-Chief John "Spartan" Nguyen took it upon himself to take the song back to its source material in a fan-made mashup trailer that is equal parts hilarious and unnerving. Word of advice Geppetto, do not get on Pinnocchio's bad side.

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