Aug 5, 2014

The Atmospheric Concept Art of Christopher Balaskas


It's been a couple weeks since we've gotten a chance to feature an artist here on Awesome Robo, things have been unfortunately crazy for all of us. Today, when I stumbled upon the work of Christopher Balaskas' work I knew it had to be shared. Balaskas' work has an amazingly grandeur scale, showcasing both the natural world and an advanced future.

Each of Balaskas' created worlds showcase a deep understanding of it's topography, creating a vivid environment one can build from. Rather than providing a piece of the world, each piece makes it clear that there's more to the world behind the scenes. After the break is more of Christopher Balaskas' work, if you like what you see I definitely recommend heading over to his DeviantArt page in order to get the full view along with loads of more of his beautiful work.

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