Jul 30, 2014

Time Out - An Update From AwesomeRobo HQ

Hello everyone. You might have noticed a strange lack of content over the last week or so, and might have noticed a few updates on our social media sections regarding an event that affected myself, Robobrain (My actual name is Sirio Brozzi) and my partner Rachael, who occasionally posts and takes care of business affairs with AwesomeRobo. During a trip outside of town, a freak storm hit the city that we were in and caused a flash flood in the place we called our home and work space.

 We suffered some significant damage as a result, and our home is currently unlivable, and we've lost equipment that helped us with our daily AwesomeRobo duties. Thanks to the courtesy of a neighbor we are currently living with them, but the shock of the entire event still remains with us. Estimates of the damage currently run at around $30-40,000 dollars due to the fact that we were not insured against floods, seeing that the area historically has never suffered such an incident. We unfortunately are unsure as to how we will pay for this damage- But we're working on finding a solution.

As you can imagine, it's the type of event that's turned our lives a little upside down..I never imagined a time when I wouldn't be able to muster up the energy to write content on a website that I've curated and grown for years alongside my talented colleagues. This website was, and still remains an escape from at times unfavorable work conditions, and a way to shed light onto some great creative talent that rarely gets the spotlight. At the moment though, it definitely feels like this is the type of occasion is what people would call a Sisyphean task, and something I need to focus on resolving full time.

Through this difficult time I hope our readers will have the patience to bear with us as we attempt to resolve this misfortune that's come into our lives. I honestly hope to resume full time posting in one to two weeks time (Perhaps earlier). We'll do our best to get online again- AwesomeRobo will be back on track soon.

Thank you
Sirio Brozzi (Robobrain)
Founder & Editor

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