Jul 14, 2014

"Apehood" - Planet of the Apes Meets Boyhood

Two movies came out last weekend: The long awaited sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Richard Lanklater's groundbreaking indie darling Boyhood, filmed over the course of 12 years alongside a child growing up. Both were amazing movies in their own right, but Nelson Carvajal found a common link between the two features.

This is where Apehood comes into play- a fun mashup trailer starring Caesar as a young chimp growing up in an ever changing world. It's not quite an all American upbringing as the more innocent tale of Boyhood- There's a little more along the lines of unintended evolution, deadly primordial viruses and the extinction of humanity as a whole going for the whole Planet of the Apes angle. You can check out the Boyhood trailer after the break.

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