Jul 14, 2014

The Art Of Asuka III

Asuka III (Patipat Asavasena) is an illustrator hailing from Thailand, and probably our first glimpse at the countries 'Thainime' scene, which seems to have some very interesting characteristics of it's own. Pati's work is definitely inspired by the types of aesthetics we're accustomed to seeing from the Japanese anime, but he puts a much more painterly twist to his pieces.

Pati's pieces mostly feel like comic book covers, thanks to his choice of retaining a more western format compared to Manga, with their boxier, denser 5x7.5" format. Just like with young artists hailing from east Asian regions, it's cool to see how they interpret one of Japan's greatest exports, the anime art style into something that's their own. If you've been looking at artists from that particular region on a more granular scale, you start to notice some truly curious trends with their stylistic leanings. More of Asuka III's work after the break.

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