Jun 17, 2014

The Colorful Art Of Bloody Pepper

Bloody Pepper had me fooled. We originally ran into her work on Japan's 2chan boards, and considering her style it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that she was part of the burgeoning Japanese illustration movement. Not the case. Bloody Pepper is actually a Mexican artist who's been around since 2004/2005 and has successfully assimilated into a whole slew of international art communities, where her art enjoys plenty of praise. Ranging from Pixiv to Deviantart to Tumblr, I feel like I've run into her art multiple times over the years.

How to describe her art? Eastern influenced, colorful, ornate, experimental. As we've mentioned many times before, this hybrid style that's been emerging in the US with young illustrators is a really cool mix of east meets west, a mix that I feel could be traced back to Korean concept art trends (Which had a pseudo-European influence thrown in).

I really loved looking through all her work, and if you're a Game Of Thrones fan, you'll get a kick out of her take on Arya Stark and her beloved blade, 'Needle.' Check out more of her work after the break.

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