Jun 17, 2014

Team Fortress 2 - Love & War

It's incredibly difficult to expect Valve to continuously up the ante in terms of quality, but somehow the Bellevue, Washington based studio always manages to blow expectations out of the water. After over a week of bread mysteriously appearing in teleporters, TF2 fans have been hot on the trail of the bread-filled ARG, with clues pulled from within the game's files to as far fetched as the 70's band Bread. Valve has always been fantastic at playing mind games with their fans, and the payout with their latest ARG endeavor is more than worth it.

The 15-minute long short, Expiration Date is by far the most entertaining TF2 short to date. The short not only explains the mystery of the bread but also fleshes out a cast characters that were once nothing more than canon fodder (not that they still aren't). One of the more interesting aspects of Expiration Date is it's inclusion of new characters, building a world around Red versus Blue in a way I would have never expected.

Along with the short, Valve has also released a slew of new actions to perform while destroying the enemy. With today being listed as day 1 of the Love & War update, it's safe to expect loads more content in the coming day. Fingers-crossed for bread themed levels. Check out the new content for day 1 over here.

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