Jun 8, 2014

The Art Of Sida Chen - The Copernicus Verse And Other Realms

Sida Chen, who also goes by Junedays on online art circles is a burgeoning illustrator hailing from New York, who already shows an impressive amount of talent with her work at the age of 20. Currently enrolled in college at Columbia University of the Arts with an expected graduation in a few years time, her portfolio has shown improvements in leaps and bounds while maintaining the same thematic essence.

Sida seems to enjoy character illustration above all, creating sections (Which I believe are worlds) in her galleries with names like The Copernicus Verse, Golden Age Magicians and populating them with characters that exist in them. There's a high level of fantasy to her pieces, which typically employ surreal or abstract elements to frame her unique characters (Think of Klimt). I kind of wish she'd share the 'internal lore' that obviously spurns the creation of these characters, but leaving it open to interpretation is not a bad thing either.

Chen is also highly prolific with her work, creating pieces on a highly regular basis- Probably part of the reason as to her major strides in improving her work. You can check out more of her pieces after the break, and this might be one of those artists to keep an eye out for in a few years time.

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