Jun 5, 2014

The Art Of Cancer

Wooha! While we initially thought that Cancer was a Japanese artist based off of his taste in subject matter, we quickly realized that the talented 23 year old illustrator actually hails from China. That's what kind of tipped us off about his work, the fact that it was so uncharacteristically painterly for fanart. Not saying that this level of rendering doesn't exist in the Japanese fanart scene, it's just rare.

Cancer's artistic upbringing with a lot of traditional mediums is front and center here, featuring a really cool rendering style that mimics painterly brush strokes and a fantastic grasp on subtle color variation. This imbues his tribute pieces to franchises including Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Kill La Kill with a level of refinement that's truly above and beyond what we're used to seeing from fanart. Couple that with a smattering of really cool personal pieces and you've got one solidly rounded out illustrator. Check out more of his awesome work after the break.

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