Jun 9, 2014

E3 2014 - "Sunset Overdrive" Pokes Fun At Activision With Their Latest And Greatest Trailer

Amidst a sea of grit, grays and browns lies a new AAA hope and darling - Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive. For E3 they played it pretty clever by playing up the fact that they're one of the incredibly few new franchises to pop up and re-embrace an art direction style that's been mostly absent in main stream games as of late- Colorful.

Call Of Duty is the obvious target here, with the colorful protagonist making fun of the stale gameplay and art style before offering an introduction to Sunset City and plenty of gameplay to boot. Out of all the Xbox One exclusives, without a doubt this is probably one of the most desirable offerings they've had to show yet.  It's loud, rambunctious and is (As they put it) the culmination of everything Insomniac's been working towards all these years.

While I haven't picked up an Xbox yet, this is one of those titles that would probably get me to drop the money on one. A breath of fresh air outside the indie gaming scene, finally. And also, let's not forget that the amazing folks at Honkfu lent their distinct art styles to help shape the world of Sunset Overdrive.

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