Jun 8, 2014


Cupidiculous is a motion graphic project fusing 2D cel-animation and 3D techniques together. While it initally reads like one of those motion graphic reels it actually conveys a humor story about a Cupid, who makes Adam and Eve fall in love.

Unfortunately, this act of love leads to overpopulation, over consumption and global warming. So he has to find the way to fix these problems before things get even more out of hand. So many fantastic transitions here to deliver the narrative! One of the most visually fluid executions of a narrative I think I've seen in years. Absolutely loved it.

Most characters and elements have been done in 3D but rendered as 2D flat vector look with poppy pastel, splashy and heightened color schemes. Then added more 2D liquid speed lines by drawing frame by frame. Even though laughter is the major objective, Cupidiculous also delivers critical messages covertly. More or less audiences will get that with absolutely enjoyment.

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