Jun 4, 2014

A Shot In The Dark

A Shot In The Dark by Dark Rye is a documentary about hope, following the story of a mechanic called Jay Dean who finds a new lease on life after finding inspiration in the unlikeliest of places- His junk heap. Following a serious back injury and an error in judgement that ultimately deprived him of the ability to work on cars, we witness the transformative journey of an individual into darkness and back, thanks to the power of creative inspiration.

Jay Dean was a mechanic and that was that. He’d certainly never considered becoming an artist. But a back injury in his early 30's led to multiple surgeries. Jay found himself unable to work on cars and unable to provide for himself and his wife. He forgot all his goals, took to bed depressed, and tried to figure out what he was going to do with the rest of his years. One day, as he was cleaning his tools, empty and lost in existential uncertainty, he suddenly began to see something in the junked car parts in his garage. They called to him. He had an artistic inspiration. Jay began to make lamps out of them. The lamps, in return, began to make him.

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