May 8, 2014

The Bible Of Barbecue - Tramontina Gets Creative With Their Marketing

Tramontina, a manufacturer of high end cookware and accessories recently unleashed this really cool promo for a book created in conjuction with JWT Brazil intended to teach aspiring chefs all the steps for great barbecue.

The Barbecue Bible is no ordinary book, as it's pages serve both as an instructional guide and the necessary ingredients for a BBQ. One page is made of charcoal, which is intended to be smashed and serve as the foundation of your fire. Another page turns into a fan to keep the coals burning, and other pages turn into elements including an apron, aluminum foil, knife sharpener, chopping board and place mat.

Unfortunately this very unique book will only be available in Brazil, but you really have to commend them for pulling off something so ingenious to promote a product line that would rarely be synonymous with exciting. If this ever does come to the US, I'm guessing you'll probably find it on a website like Uncrate.

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