May 10, 2014

The Art Of Oriol Vidal - Neon Skylines

With ten years of experience under his belt as a freelance artist under every imaginable role, Oriol Vidal is a seasoned veteran of the freelancing world, and a versatile one at that. The Barcelona based artist has contributed illustration work to various agencies, crafted multiple children's books, storyboarded and even been a concept artist over the years.

Yet any artist worth their salt will eventually tell you that it's the personal work that's the most fulfilling and indicative of an artists true stylistic leanings. The freelance pays the bills, the personal work fulfills the soul.

Oriol's personal work stands out in stark contrast to his other work, which is typically more light hearted and geared towards a younger audience. Moody, neon lit skies illuminate retro vehicles blazing through the streets with a visual flair that evokes the likes of Drive and 70's/early 80's era illustration aesthetics. While some of the pieces appear to be digitally illustrated, Oriol also mentioned that he likes painting with acrylics on wood boards, which give his pieces a textural quality that's quite difficult to replicate on a PC. Check out more of Vidal's slick retro paintings after the break!

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