May 24, 2014

The Art Of Milky Liu

Milky Liu (Aka Liu Naizhong) is a certified fresh™ 26 year old concept artist and illustrator hailing from China. Whenever we're hunting for artists abroad, one of the coolest things to run into is artists with a definite artistic interest in what's across the pond. Liu fits that bill, with plenty of awesome art dedicated to western movies, comics and more (He's definitely a DC fanboy).

Stylistically I just really loved his loose, line art based approach to his work. Instead of opting for a very tight, refined style Liu really enjoys keeping his work rough, which gives his pieces a certain sense of movement and energy that is always more subdued in vector traced, squeaky clean illustrations. Instead of erasing out those mistakes and smudges, he incorporates them into the entire aesthetic of his pieces, which is really refreshing. More of Milky's awesome work after the break!

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