May 25, 2014

"Monkey Rag" - An Incredibly Catchy Animated Short By Joanna Davidovich

Monkey Rag is a charming old school animation featuring the music of the now defunct Asylum Street Spankers band, an Austin based progressive folk/ragtime group that dissolved in 2011. Created by Joanna Davidovich using nothing but hand animation and a copy of Toon Boom over the course of countless evenings and weekends, this short was a labor of love to say the least.

The style she employed has a semblance to a progressive version of a Hanna Barbera cartoon with plenty of modern touches, evoking the same type of vibe as the retro-contemporary folk music that it was created to accompany. Davidovich mentioned that despite using plenty of digital animation tools at her day job, she felt inclined to go old school with this one to capture a certain feel that she rarely got from her digital work.

Over the course of production (Which lasted a total of four  years) Joanna collaborated with Nate Foster and Darren Tate to take care of the compositing and coloring process respectively. You can check out the humorously made making of reel after the break! There's no better feeling than doing personal work when you get a chance.

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