May 14, 2014

Phantom Limb

Animator Alex Grigg has crafted one hell of a moving experience with Phantom Limb, a short animation telling the story of one couple's struggle with amputation.

Alex sets a tone that is as beautiful as it is unnerving, depicting the guilt and blame one faces after a preventable accident. The muted palette adds an incredible amount to stories darker tone, with sound design that sends chills throughout the animation's entire length. Alex Grigg does an amazing job at portraying the "numbness" of amputation for both the characters and the viewer, giving an unique perspective of the animation's focus.

Alex Grigg's style instantly drew me into his 4-minute world, portraying emotion through the perfection of coloring, sound design, scene layout and character styling. Phantom Limb is truly a full package, hitting all the right marks through it's entirety, I can't recommend giving it a watch enough. Hell, maybe even give it two watches.

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