May 15, 2014

Mother F***ing Dalle

While Mother F***ing Dalle starts off relatively straight forward enough, with a bunch of bandits traveling around the country side in their beat up car, things quickly go south and get quite surreal. It's what's implied in the short that's my favorite, with one of the bandits hunched up and holding his head- An indication of a job gone terribly wrong.

While I won't even bother reading into what a bovine stand off might mean, the stylish presentation and remixed French rap score came together to offer a pretty damn entertaining watch that left me wanting more. The short was created by a new Parisian animation collective called 'Souviens Zen-Tan,' who seem to have a ton of experience up their sleeves judging from the quality they managed to pull off. The collective also released another equally amazing short called Oh Sh**! about a dung beetle getting some mentoring by a true connoisseur of the craft. Check that out after the break.

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