May 15, 2014

Denmark Gets All Grindhouse For It's Elections With "Voteman" (NSFW)

The folks at Akee just unveiled their latest promotional campaign for encouraging young people to vote in Denmark with Voteman, and it's nothing short of mind blowing. Featuring a rather intense Danish badass as the spokesperson, this little animated advert warns against the dangers of not voting and having an impact on various important issues. Problem is, the cartoon is already banned in it's native country despite having been thought up by Denmark's own Folketinget (Parliament) with a purported budget of $30,000. Following it's release last week the short was removed a day after it's release following the massive backlash that ensued.

Go figure, but I appreciate that parliament's sense of humor. Bans aside the end result is an animated short that feels like a fine blend of part Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, Machete) and part Adult Swim. So to our friends in Denmark, please vote on the 25th or else you might end up getting headbutted by a bondage gear wearing dolphin. We wouldn't wish that on anyone.

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