May 16, 2014

Tigtone - "The Begun Of Tigtone"

Fantasy has the distinction of being one those genres that's overflowing with cliches and played out tropes, and Tigtone mercilessly parodies them. Created by Babyhemyth Productions, this visually curious parody animation seems to use flat paintings with animation controls added in Aftereffects or 3D software to create movement. Enjoy all of Tigtone's strange (And seemingly endless) trials in this fine short.

The Begun of Tigtone is a parody of every fantasy convention there is, from movies to games. And the star character of this story is Tigtone, a man whose personality is intentionally modeled after a two-dimnesional, anti-hero cliche. Along his journey, he is challenged by pointless puzzles, preposterously clad goddesses, and generic quest goals. Not even the dialog is safe from skewering, as the fantasy convention of convoluted language is parodied right down to the very title of the story.

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