May 11, 2014

Ad LXXIX - A Tale Of Gladiatorial Combat

Animated by Weiss Leo as part of his final year at L'@telier's three year animation program, Ad LXXIX is a really cool short about a gladiator realizing he's way out of his league. Upon entering a foreboding arena, a blood thirsty warrior approaches with no intent of showing mercy. Little do they know that nature itself is conspiring to deliver a cruel fate to them all.

Aside from the awesome animation, Leo's look is one of the coolest things I noticed about the short, employing a really distinct animated graphite look to his characters and the backgrounds. There were occasional, subtle hints of 3D with projected 2D textures (Like the door slamming at the beginning), but nothing distracting overall. Absolutely loved the atmosphere he captured in this short.

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