Mar 27, 2014

The Saga Of Goat Simulator Continues - Dead Island Style

In the last few years we've seen the simulation genre gain an entirely new wave of appreciation thanks to the ironic efforts of many Youtube let's players, who always found a way to give these cheaply made, overly complex titles a humorous spin. Then came Goat Simulator, which started off as a complete joke to help the developers at Coffee Stain Studios practice some programming. The problem is, the internet found out about it after a silly alpha trailer was posted online, and as Bossa Studios learned with last year's Surgeon Simulator, comedy sims have a powerful grip on the current gaming scene.

Coffee Stain took the hint and are currently set to launch the title on...April 1st. Yep! I think the devs themselves are in disbelief at the response and millions of viewers the video garnered, so they've embraced it and are having fun with it at this point (Including the Dead Island parody trailer they probably cranked out in a few hours). The website even comes with a disclaimer in case gamers have any expectations as to what they might be getting themselves into when they drop $10 on it. Either way, moments like this really make me feel like we're in some sort of indie gaming golden age. The fact that the folks at a little startup can get this much attention for a joke game and laugh their way to the bank is a magical thing to witness. Take note, AAA developers.

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