Mar 27, 2014

One Bullet - Action Versus Hunger

On August 4th 2006 in Sri Lanka, seventeen ACF International humanitarian aid workers were assassinated, in the midst of the violent outbreaks in the city of Muttur. Following this attack, ACF International had to bring an end to its work in Sri Lanka. Now, seven years later, this crime still remains unpunished. This animated short by Mathias Lachal shows the price of these bullets on innocent civilians, and in under one minute really sells us on the long term consequences of not protecting aid workers.

One Bullet will be screened when the United Nations Human Rights Council meets in Geneva to examine and deliver a resolution on the Sri Lanka conflict. Attacks and threats to humanitarians, like that of the Muttur assassination, deprives the most vulnerable from getting vital aid. Basically, killing an aid worker ultimately benefits nobody.

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