Mar 27, 2014

Tom & Jerry Remade With CGI Anime Vocaloids

What happens when a Japanese animator with a thing for Tom & Jerry and some freeware MikuMikuDance animation gets some strange notions in his head? You get this rather convincing, and impeccably odd shot by shot remake of 1956's Down Beat Bear, which involved the ever at war cat and mouse dealing with a rather unwelcome visitor, a bear (Recreated using a feisty redhead) with a rythm all his own.

And you know what? It's a pretty damn well done tribute despite the strange vocaloid stand ins (The software was originally created for fans of Hatsune Miku to make their own music videos). The slapstick humor translates strangely well, and it's strangely hypnotizing to watch them side by side. Too strange of an experiment not to share.

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