Mar 31, 2014

Google Maps - Pokémon Challenge

Call it an April Fools joke, but this is actually a pretty damn awesome collaboration between Google and Nintendo. Google's map software is actually now overrun with Pokémon in an amazing augmented reality stunt that will last till the 2nd of April. Following their Lego intiative, it seems like the Google map team has been having quite a bit of fun with their service.

Using a mixture of GPS and augmented reality goodness, users will be able to track down all 150 Pokémon in their own neighborhoods, with the promise that the best trainers will be invited to Google to take on the best trainers and be hired as a Pokémon Master. While the latter part of that claim is dubious at best, people have actually been out and about capturing them. Kind of like partaking in Geocaching (Except with infinitely more broad appeal), you can update you Google maps app on your Android or iOS phone to partake. I'm honestly hoping that Google actually rewards the people that will probably spend a day or two outdoors capturing every single last one of them.

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