Mar 20, 2014

Frog Fractions 2 Is A Thing You Can Fund And You Won't Know What It Is

Never played Frog Fractions? Get on it, right here and right now. For those unfamiliar with Frog Fractions, it's a simple mathematics game intended to teach kids fractions, for those familiar you'll know I'm full of sh*t. I'm really not going to go out of my way to spoil the experience, just know the more you play the better it gets. Trust me.

After nearly 2 years, the crew behind Frog Fractions are back with intents of making the sequel we never knew we needed. The catch is, after the game is funded no one will know what it is until the "jig" is up. Yes that means the title Frog Fractions 2 probably isn't the game's title, instead it's up to gamers to solve the "jig" in order for the development team to reveal the game's true identity. What does that mean for backers? Sounds strange, but they won't receive the game until it's released and revealed.

It sounds absolutely crazy, but so crazy that it needs to happen. The above Kickstarter video doesn't really give any information as to what the game could possibly be, although it does drop a few important keys to solving the "jig" once the game is released. The only issue is, we don't even know when the game will be released, in fact it could already be out (I totally doubt it).

If you'd like to fund this insane social-experiment/game go right ahead over here, I know I'm planning to. 

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