Mar 20, 2014

Laika's "The Box Trolls" Finally Gets A Full Trailer

Following months (More like years) of teasers here and there, it seems like the first trailer for LAIKA's third feature, The Box Trolls is finally out. Offering us a look into the hazy city of Cheesebridge, we're given tastes of the plot, without spoiling or giving away any aspect of the story (Something we've come to appreciate in recent years).

Coraline never quite did it for me, feeling like an ode to Tim Burton's rather played out style as well as feeling like LAIKA struggling to find a footing in the already crowded animated feature market. However, Paranorman was a much more confident feature, knocking it out of the park by offering an interesting narrative that both children and adults could enjoy equally, as well as dealing with issues that most features would shy away from (Like having the first openly gay character in an animated feature).

The Box Trolls seems like it'll be in tune with the typical flavors we've seen from the studio, with hints of the protagonist siding with the trolls that society (And some antagonist) have shunned. The feature is slated to release on September 26, 2014.

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