Feb 5, 2014

The Vibrant Art Of Hyamei

Simple yet bold and vibrant, Hyamei's (Abigail L. Dela Cruz) art style is a great example of accomplishing more with less. Broad brush strokes with rich color palettes make up the majority of her work, with a distinct emphasis on large forms rather than getting overly detailed and bogged down by minutia.

While we initially discovered her as part of a Sailor Moon themed art gallery project called Moon Crisis, we tracked her work back to her gallery and found some truly cool personal art. Her main character of choice seems to center around a mischievous fox spirit who enjoys playing with the moon, and she's created an entire series of images around this protagonist to add a really cool pseudo-narrative. As well as original pieces, she also dabbles in plenty of fanart and tribute pieces to her favorite shows and characters from various franchises. Check out more of her work after the break!

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