Feb 11, 2014

"Our Robocop Remake" - The Crowdsourced Tribute In It's Full Glory

Just like Star Wars Uncut and various other scene-by-scene fan remakes, the people behind Our Robocop Remake decided to pay tribute to Paul Verhoeven's classic dystopic 1987 feature rife with satirical social commentary. And they timed it just right, releasing it just a few days before the reboot premieries, which from what we're hearing, is already getting slammed with negative reviews and people walking out from screenings. While it's not a shot by shot remake, it definitely follows a scene by scene retelling structure. For a full list of everyone that contributed, see the list here.

Fatal Farm's scene contribution will make you cross your legs and cringe pretty hard.
Our RoboCop Remake is a crowd-sourced film project based on the 1987 Paul Verhoeven classic. We are a group of filmmakers and RoboCop fans who have split the original film into 60 pieces and have remade the movie ourselves. Because if anyone is going to ruin RoboCop, it's us.

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