Feb 14, 2014

Pluto and the Vessel

Stop motion always manages to bring some of the most unnerving imagery, the jittery frame rate and the often abstract art can add a lot to the the content's mood. Harrison Browning's short Pluto and the Vessel does an incredible job at using stop motion imagery to it's full effect. With a feeling very similar to John Carpenter's The Thing, Pluto and the Vessel tells an experimental story of one man's journey into the frigid unknown.

If you're looking for a deep and enthralling story, Pluto and the Vessel probably isn't what you're looking for. Instead the short does an incredible job at setting the tone and running with it, providing a dark and twisted experience. The stop motion in the short is absolutely topnotch, often blowing my mind that it isn't still used in modern blockbusters. \Seriously Hollywood, just look how well this sets the mood hurry up and get on that.

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