Feb 3, 2014

LITE - "Echolocation "

I recently stumbled onto LITE earlier this weekend and found myself really digging what the math rock band had to offer. Similar to other popular math rock bands such as Battles and Holy F***, LITE holds massive instrumental talent, creating incredibly complicated yet musically satisfying songs. While math rock has made itself massively popular in the United States, this is the first time stumbling upon a Japan based band. 

The band's newest music video for the track Echolocation does a pretty awesome job demonstrating the diversity in the way each member players. The video's visualizer is something I'd enjoy on my computer screen at all times, creating a geometric landscape as the music progresses. It's definitely a cool experience seeing each instrument represented by a different shape. The music video does a great job showing how much effort is put in by each musician, something that isn't as easily recognized when first listening.

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