Feb 3, 2014


We are transported into a truly dark, seedy underbelly in Junkyard, a truly incredible short about two boys who headed down completely separate paths in life. One chose a life of good and had a great upbringing while the other was not so fortunate - Ultimately a victim of his own parent's choices and what their negligence ultimately lead him to. This short is heavy, showing a downward spiral only rivaled by the likes of Darren Aronofsky's work.

Following a chance in a million encounter which results in tragedy, we are presented with the past that these two once shared together before the unthinkable occurs. The art direction in this short is absolutely incredible, using a mixture of intricate, oil painted backgrounds with semi-rotoscoped, yet stylized characters with touches of CG throughout. Written and directed by Dutch artist Hisko Hulsing, Junkyard is a powerful short about the choices we make, and their ultimate repercussions. The short has won dozens of awards in the international festival circuit since it's debut.

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