Feb 10, 2014

3A's Invincible Iron Man Toys Are Looking Incredible (Wallet Damage Incoming)

Ashley Wood just shared production release photos of 3A's Invincible Iron Man, just the first in an ongoing collaboration with Marvel that will bring us unique takes on characters including Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spiderman, Thor and others over the next few years. Standing at 13.5 inches, the fully posable metal and PVC figure will feature illuminated eyes, chest and palms and ship sometime in Q3 2014.

Taste the limited palette rainbow.
Pricing wise these figures wil run for $220 a pop, with 4 variants- Classic, Silver Centurion, Stealth and the Stark Industries Prototype, which will only be available to members of the 3AA club (A yearly subscription for exclusives and other goodies). If you've got the money to burn, you can get a boxed set featuring all 4 for $800, without needing to be a 3AA member to get the 4th Stark Industries prototype figure.

As a proud owner of a few 3A toys, the craftsmanship on these 'toys' is so high that I prefer to consider them as fine art sculptures. Once you get one you'll never buy another toy again. The item will be available for preorder on February 13th at 9am Hong Kong Time (5pm PST, 7pm CST, 9pm EST) at the newly redesigned Bambaland Store. A boatload of shots from all the different variants after the break!

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