Jan 21, 2014

Music Video Roundup: Damon Albarn, Megu & Patron, Bombay Bicycle Club

Over the course of four minutes we get to see a 3D portrait of English alt-rock icon Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur) come together in this timelapse of a Zbrush sculpt. From bone to muscle and flesh, and skin to hair it's a mesmerizing 4 minute performance set that ultimately culminates in a final image that looks like an avant garde early 90's album cover.

Created in collaboration with producer David Russell, the track is from Damon's upcoming standalone LP, sharing the same title as the track above; Everyday Robots. Coming April 29.

Pari Pari Pa-ri is an awesome little music video directed by Takashi Ohashi for this J-pop/electro track by Megu & Patron. While the music itself is an acquired taste (Yet quite catchy), the pseudo 2D visuals are pretty amazing, taking place on the equivalent of a highly glitched out DOS circuit board. The musically synchronized protagonist kind of gets you in an infectious toe tapping mood.

Easy by Copacabana Club is directed by Ariel Belziti from Argentina, who also created the visually striking music video for fellow countrymen/homegrown rockers Utopians. Applying some of the same unique visual flair and hand animated touches on live action footage that made his previous music video memorable. The Brazilian band's music video was created in collaboration with Thales Quadro (Video), and produced by Adiano Cintro. Minor Two Door Cinema Club vibes!

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