Jan 9, 2014

Meet The Rabid, Heavy Taming Engineer

Damn son. I've been following the evolution of the Team Fortress 2 film making community over the years, and ever since Valve's released their Source Filmmaker (SFM) tools, there's been a dramatic leap in quality. To put things in perspective, animators back in the day would have to use a really janky process involving Garry's Mod and create the equivalent of stop motion films, capturing movement frame by frame and recompiling it in video editing software.

Source Filmmaker gave these same creators the tools used in house to create the cinematics we've come to know and love from the company. Meet the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer by Youtube user Crash Maul is an example of just how much better these same creators are getting with an improved toolset at their disposal. Following a very special engineer with the ability to control a very 'special' version of a Heavy, all hell breaks loose in an initially typical looking match of the classic 2Fort map. Loved this short from start to finish!

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