Jan 10, 2014

Kyle Gaulin's Animation Demo Reel

With a new year comes plenty of portfolio revamping, and Kyle Gaulin's no exception to this rule, releasing a brand new cinematic animation reel featuring all the work he did during his nearly 3 and a half year tenure at Blur.

Despite leaving the studio at the end of 2012 to work at a new AAA gaming studio in Vancouver called Black Tusk (Unannounced projects), his contributions at Blur were pretty staggering, including work on cinematics for: League Of Legends, Dead Rising 3, Bioshock Infinite, Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Souls II, Halo 4, Planetside 2, Dishonored and a few dozen more projects spanning gaming, TV and cinema.

This is what people sometimes refer to in the industry as a 'loaded' reel, aka Gaulin probably wouldn't have much trouble finding a job at any top tier studio with the sheer number of high profile projects under his belt.

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