Jan 10, 2014

"Wolf Of Wall Street" VFX Highlights - More CG Than We Ever Imagined

Of all the movies to expect a VFX reel from, Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street was not one we were expecting. Turns out that the folks at Brainstorm Digital spent quite a bit of time tackling a variety of challenging compositing shots on a variety of scenes that I actually thought were on location in the various countries the movie takes place in. They did an amazing job (Had us all fooled), but it kind of begs the question if it was that necessary.

I mean, the amount of work that went into just that prison tennis court scene is just sheer overkill compared to how long it probably would have taken to simply shoot. On the flipside though, this might have to do with the fact that Scorcese has always had a knack for being very meticulous with his visuals and shots, and perhaps some of these scenes and particular locations could only be created in CG. Nonetheless, one of the most interesting VFX reels we've seen in a while, especially considering how visually grounded the movie was.

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