Jan 8, 2014

Behind The Magic - ILM's Visual Effects of "Pacific Rim"

Too you long enough ILM! 6 months after the premiere of Pacific Rim, looks like the Lucas Arts VFX division has finally released a nice juicy reel featuring all the work that they contributed to Del Toro's Kaiju fest. It looks like they played a big role in creating one of the movies highlight battles, Gipsy Danger versus the Category IV 'Otachi' Kaiju in Hong Kong, which was absolutely amazing to watch on an Imax screen when it came out.

For more Pacific Rim making of goodies, check out Studio Mirada's VFX Reel as well as Studio Rodeo's contributions to capturing the interiors of the Jaegers in the film. And of course, let's not forget about our rather viral Pacific Rim - Japanese fanart edition post.

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