Nov 14, 2013

Emerson Tung's INKtober Artwork - Redux

Earlier this year we had the supreme pleasure of featuring just a small portion of Emerson Tung's outstanding artwork. Now he's back with a new collection of beautiful ink-point sketches amassed from over a month's worth of intense creative diligence. A bona-fide pantheon of gun-slinging collossi, sentient walking monastaries, crazed dog gods and harbingers of death and rebirth. What can't this guy do?

Tung's recent batch of mind-blowing concepts are the product of INKtober, an annual challenge for artists across the world to push outside their comfort-zone and commit to one ink pen sketch every day of October. Look out for more of Tung's INKtober haul after the break, and check out his blog too! Dude's pumping out some serious work right now.

Day 22: Gilgamesh, the Demon Blade

Day 24: A walking fortress

Day 25: Atlas

Day 26: Enki, The Demon Trigger

Day 28: Selene, the Crescent Blade

Day 29: Foo Dog

Day 31: Kali, the Ending

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