Oct 23, 2013

Wind Waker meets Dark Souls in Cornerstone

I'd like to set the foundation of this post with this, why the f*ck isn't this funded yet? Take one part Windwaker, another part Dark Souls and mix them together and you'll get something along the lines of Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim (like I said, why isn't this funded?). The game may be very early in development (pre-alpha mind you), but the overall concept has more than perked my interest.

With an open and explorable world on the scale of Windwaker, mixing in the combat of Dark Souls is truly the icing on the cake. There have been very few games that have captured my attention like the Windwaker, and the thought of another studio tackling that level of exploration is all I need set sail on this Kickstarter ship.

If you're like me, you probably prefer a little bit more hands-on time with something you're spending money on and lucky for you the team at Ascension Games have provided a playable demo (which you can find on the Kickstarter page). While the demo is really only touching the surface of what this game is planned to be, it was more than enough to suck me in. As of now only two days remain for the Kickstarter with $10,000 still needing to be raised. Do you think we can do it? Head over to the Kickstarter page here to place your bets.

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