Oct 23, 2013

Ghost in the Shell ARISE Border: 2 Gets New Trailer

The second of four OVA's for the Ghost in the Shell prequel gets it's first trailer, offering us a glimpse at the new cryptic case that Mokoto and her crew will be dealing with. This 50 minute episode (Which will be released theatrically in Japan) will cover how the entire team comes to know each other while each investigating a mysterious criminal element know as 'the man with the eye that does not sleep,' with their own divisions.

Even though it's not subtitled, the trailer gives off a good impression in regards to the top notch, yet grounded animation style. Thematically I'm hoping that this storyline might draw parallels in regards to the Laughing Man saga (My fave). It's set to debut in November 20 in theaters, with no planned release date for US markets just yet. Stay tuned.

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