Oct 4, 2013

Rogue A.I. Sparks A Brutal Street War In "Keloid"

About a year ago, visual effects studio Big Lazy Robot released a proof of concept trailer for their new IP called Keloid. Now, BLR is back finally with the full version. It's the not-so-distant future, worldwide human conflict has escalated to such a point that nations have mobilized an automated A.I.-powered police force to maintain the vaguest illusion of peace. But when a hyper-advanced rogue A.I. escapes his confinement to wage a brutal campaign against all of humanity, how long can the human race hold out?

The original Keloid trailer was a tantalizing peek into a hard sci-fi world where technology had long outpaced morality, leaving Human civilization on the cusp of being overtaken by the very machines they put their faith in. It was one of my favorite computer-animated shorts of last year for that and a totally different reason. Look hard at that video again. Nothing in that short is real, every thing is one-hundred percent CGI. Holy crap.

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