Oct 5, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Someone Distortions, Keep Shelly In Athens, Daniel Bélanger

Music Video Roundup! Finally a few good tracks to share- First up we've got Someone Distortion's Tiger Teeth, noteworthy for quite possibly being the first music video to be entirely created in an Excel spreadsheet (In this case it's Open Office, same thing). I mean, the amount of time it must have taken to fill in every frame and thousands of rows must have been staggering, but the creativity is commendable. Directed by Jaime Pantoja of Dodo Estudio based off an idea by Joshua Rackstraw.

Even if it's in French, Canadian singer Daniel Bélanger's Je T'aime Comme Tu Es (I love you how you are) embraces the rich flavors of Rockabilly to create a rich, toe-tapping experience. Agathe Bray-Bourret provided an animated narrative notable for it's frame by frame watercolor/colored pencil look while various organisms fall victim to the primal throes of animal attraction.

Music video directors extraordinaire Lamar+Nik have directed some of our favorite music videos over the last few years, and their latest effort does not disappoint. What I've always loved about their approach was their staunch adherence to well thought out concepts, and Recollections is as fleshed out as it gets. Loved the practical execution and the narrative that they laid out, it's a true journey through the eyes of a woman attempting to reconcile with her past. Things are implied but not spoken, and the overall experience is thought provoking and a little poignant. The track is incredibly catchy too, courtesy of the Grecian duo- A perfect end of summer track.

Human lives are comprised of memories, and like bubbles they appear in all forms and colors, shifting shapes as they float. The video for Recollection is about confronting those memories, where we follow a world-worn woman along a very personal path. She has a story to tell, things to reconcile – like all of us

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