Oct 29, 2013

A Visual Trip With NETWORKS' "Ake-Vono"

Sometimes a music video is the tipping point of my love for a song, it takes an already enjoyable listening experience and turns it up a notch. Ake-Vono by NETWORKS is already a fantastic song on it's own, providing a chill mood while still giving a sense of upbeat motivation. Mixing in the spectacular visual representations of artist Kohei Yoshino, Ake-Vono is an excellent break from reality and is certain to give you that tingly feeling your brain gets after spacing out with a music visualization effect.

Ake-Vono is the first single off of NETWORKS' upcoming album, which judging from this track is sounding to be quite a fun listening experience. You can download Ake-Vono for free from Soundcloud over here.

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