Oct 29, 2013

Scream Fortress 2013 Is Live!

I love Halloween more than any other Holiday, it's filled with spooky surprises and most importantly my favorite themed event, Scream Fortress. Following four years of fantastic Halloween events, Scream Fortress 2013 is the fifth annual Halloween special, promising bigger tricks and treats than ever before! It's been quite a while since I've installed the ol' Team Fortress 2, but you can be certain the download is already in my Steam queue. 

This year's Scream Fortress event takes place on Helltower (spooky as hell, right?), a Halloween inspired payload race with surprises around every corner. While the new map certainly sounds fun, the one thing that brings me back every year are the new items and costumes and this year is looking to be better than ever! 

With over 100 items featured in this years Scream Fortress, there's one thing that stands above the rest; Spellbooks! Each player can obtain and equip one Spellbook, allowing them to cast spells throughout the event. 

Each year I assume will be the last for my time with Team Fortress 2, but Valve continues to reel me back in with content like this. Time to go throw more money into keys!

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