Sep 3, 2013

WTF Is CamDrome? A PAX 2013 Mystery

[Update: It would appear whomever is behind this has provided us with more clues to the puzzle over here]

PAX 2013 may be over, but a deep mystery is lingering and those who've chosen to uncover it are in for an incredibly creepy ride. Throughout the weekend at PAX, a bloody monitor sat by it's lonesome in the corner of the Indie Megabooth as it looped DOS commands and played an assortment of video clips that seemed to increase throughout the weekend.

Each video clip holds the similar theme of murder and suicide, featuring an over-eccentric 'webcam personality' talking before appearing to kill themselves or being murdered. Of course the clips aren't real (or so we hope), but the spook factor of these clips unraveling throughout the weekend is something ripped from a horror movie.

The exhibitors who were lucky enough to be stationed by the CamDrome PC state to have never seen anyone setup the station nor update it, yet somehow throughout the weekend more video clips began to appear on the computer's screen. Even more horrifying is the computer's sudden disappearance at the end of the Expo after the Megabooth exhibitors turned their backs for a group photo.

Along with the CamDrome booth, a website linking to a Twitter that has been active since at least July 18th has also appeared on the internet. The website's source code furthers the creep factor with lines of code stating 'you're doing this to yourself' and 'feel the knife pull the wire around your neck now i'm watching you.' The topping for this chilling mystery remains in the Twitter's second tweet, a link to an article about a man's livestream suicide.  The Twitter remains active, watching both the tweets and the websites that comment about it while leaving cryptic messages in their 'honor.'

Whether this is just a brilliant ARG or viral marketing for something bigger, it has captured my complete attention yet keeps me rather wary for my own life. CamDrome's tag line of  'watching you' has already forced me to turn my webcam the other way, because f*ck that.

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