Sep 3, 2013

The Epic Art Of Zhong Fenghua

Zhong Fenghua is a ridiculously talented Chinese illustrator from the coastal city of Xiamen in China. As a master level illustrator, concept artist and instructor at the school he set up (E-art school of CG Design), he's pretty much on top of his game, cranking out some absolutely insane compositions based off of Chinese mythology and lore.

Among his favorite themes to illustrate are excerpts from Journey to the West, the 16th century novels narrating the exploits of Sun Wukong. And by exploits I mean moments like Sun Wukong declaring war on heaven, Buddha and other heavenly deities (Spoilers: He loses). Zhong's treatments of these classic moments are so brilliantly crafted, both in their creative compositions and rendering that the entire time while going through his gallery, mouth agape I wondered why I hadn't spent the time to read through the books that ultimately inspired series and franchises like Dragon Ball, Enslaved and many others. More incredible work (And inspiration) from Zhong Fenghua after the break!

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