Sep 6, 2013

Wolf Within

As a boy in Kansas I was afraid of three things: rattlesnakes, tornados, and my father.

This opening line sets the stage for Alex Horan's Wolf Within, which shows an unparalleled maturity in it's narrative for being a student short. The film is based off of Horan's own personal experiences growing up, little snippets that stuck with him over the many years. We've all had those profound moments that have been so wonderful, or terrible that they're hard to bury into our subconciousness, and these moments make up the groundwork for this rather poignant short.

Despite striving for a somewhat abstract narrative, Horan successfully managed to execute what he wanted to accomplish with these characters: Create a sense of empathy regarding the events that ultimately unfold. It's these experiences that ultimately shape us into what we are as adults.

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